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Tree Care Services

Red Squirrel provides skilled, knowledgeable care for a tree's entire life-cycle - from germination to removal - focused on promoting health, highlighting beauty, and maintaining safety.

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Pruning removes dead, damaged, diseased, or live tissue to promote or redirect growth, deter decay or infection, enhance aesthetics, or alter the shape or structure of a tree. When opting to prune, Red Squirrel Arborcare works to understand a client's interest in their tree and blend that with the tree's structure and biology to produce a result that is beneficial to both the client and the tree.

Examples of Pruning Goals:

  • Structural - helps develop a structure suited to sustained longevity

  • Building/Road Clearance - provides clearance and mitigates damage to both structures and trees 

  • Fruit Production - fruit trees all have different requirements for fruiting and each species is pruned a little differently

  • Safety - removes dead or structurally compromised branches so they don't fall on people or structures

  • Crown Restoration - guiding the regrowth of a canopy that has been damaged by either weather or poor care back to a strong, resilient structure.

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Cabling and Bracing

Trees can be healthy but structurally compromised. Through the installation of cables, rods or props it is often possible to preserve the tree rather than remove it. Often supplemental support systems in conjunction with appropriate pruning can prolong a tree's life by many years.

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Tree Removal

When it comes to removing trees, it's often safest to hire a professional with the experience and tools to complete the job with the least risk. Red Squirrel Arborcare is equipped to handle the most technical removals safely.

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Contract Climbing

Red Squirrel can provide additional technical climbing expertise to already established crews. A contract climber will come fully equipped with climbing gear, basic rigging gear, saws and insurance.

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Other Services

  • Stump Grinding

  • Hazard Inspections

  • Pre-Construction Tree Preservation Plans

  • Slab Milling

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